Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness

  • Class Time : 05.30 AM - 07.00 AM
  • Trainer : M.S. Deswal

Make your body flexible. Strengthen your muscles by ASNAS, BANDHA, MUDRAS so that all systems of our body work efficiently and in harmony with each other. Raise Energy level in whole body at a moderate level. Attain state of cool mind full of peace and happiness with high level of immunity.

Balanced In Tridosha – VAT-PITA-COUGH

Why Choose Us:-

  • Training will be customised according to age and physical issues.
  • Focus on flexibility, endurance to eliminate stiffness.
  • Detoxication of Body through Pranayama, Shatkarmas & Naturopathy.
  • 1000+ benefited from our different programs.
  • Under the monitoring of 40+ years of experienced experts.
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