Yogic Therapy


Yogic Therapy

  • Class Time : 05.00 PM - 06.00 PM
  • Trainer : M.S. Deswal

Specific techniques for acute and chronic ailments especially due to disturbed life style. A state of balance in between SATVA – RAJA-TAMA GUNAS in our physical body to a dominance of SATVA Guna. Endocrinal system and metabolism in proper functioning. Removal of toxins from the whole body. Rejuvenation of functionless or tired body parts. Relief from physical and mental disorders through appropriate Asnas, Shatkarmas and Pranayams.

Why Choose Us:-

  • Preventive and curative applications according to the physical conditions.
  • Guidance for daily routine, food habits.
  • Body Detox cation based techniques.
  • A big number of effected got benefited.
  • Under the monitoring of 40+ years of experienced experts.
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